• There are many pores on the surface of the shape makeup sponge. When these pores come into contact with the foundation, they will first absorb the foundation into the egg.


  • Regarding the treatment of hair, many people will have no trouble. However, combing your hair with a wooden comb every day can be healthy, do you know?


  • Air cushion puffs are specially designed, mostly delicate and soft, uniform makeup, strong powder grip but no powder, isolation, foundation, BB, loose powder are suitable. Therefore, the cleaning method is more particular.


  • After moistening the makeup sponge, you can start to apply the liquid foundation. First, squeeze an appropriate amount of the liquid foundation onto the back of your hand.


  • Tracing the origin of headbands, one of the most popular sayings is to go back to the hair crowns of ancient Greece and Rome. Around 475 BC, the ancient Greeks wore crowns made of flowers, branches, and gold, silver, and gems, and drove in groups to revel in the celebration of the god of Bacchus and sang among the winners of the arena.


  • Konjac sponge is made of 100% pure natural plant konjac. It is weakly alkaline and gentle to the skin. It has a soft and comfortable touch. The unique and delicate fiber texture like a sponge will moisturize the skin while cleaning, and can deeply clean the dirt in the pores and clean the face.