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How to tie the bath ball

There are many varieties of bath balls, usually made of nylon net. The matte rubbing towel and satin color bath ball are made of pure natural plant fiber and cotton towel. The product is beautiful and practical. It is the best quality and best reputation product in the same industry. Its unique woven structure can be used thoroughly for bathing. Cleanse the skin dirt and skin sweat, make the skin soft and smooth. Bathing balls are easier to disperse, and the way to do it is:

1. Flatten it first, and then use the rope directly through the inner layer of the mesh surface without folding it, and directly tie it with the rope.

2. It is easy to disperse that there is a problem with your knotting method. It is not possible to simply tie two deadlocks. It is necessary to have two faces and one each, and finally tightening.

3. In addition, the rope itself is love spread out, if it is not possible, you can change a cotton rope. A lot of cotton rope can be used for shoelaces.