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What material is good for bathing?

The bath flowers that are often used in everyone's homes are generally made of polyethylene. Some people refer to this material as nylon. PE is a kind of material. Bath flowers also have two materials, USV and TUV. So what about these three materials?

1. The polyethylene resin is heated and pulled to form a nylon mesh. The finished nylon mesh has a good recovery ability. When stretched to 3-6 times, it can be restored to its original state, and the fabric of this fabric is light and portable, and travel is not a big place. The strength of nylon is very high, twice that of cotton, and about four times higher than wool.

2, the hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is one of the best in the textile of synthetic fiber, the bath flower made of this fabric will be more breathable and easy to dry. Bath flowers can be dried in a short time. It is very good to avoid the disadvantage of breeding bacteria in a humid environment.

3. The bath flower made of nylon material also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and mites resistance. Some shower gels contain some alkaline substances, but these substances do not affect the bath flower, and the nylon material is soft and does not cause scratches on the skin.