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There are a few makeup brushes that are enough for you.

Make-up can be said to be a must-have skill for every girl. Every day before going out, a beautiful makeup will not only make the look look better, but the whole person will be more confident.

But if you want to make your makeup natural and beautiful, it's not enough to just use your finger makeup. You need a few good makeup brushes~ So what kind of makeup brush do we need for everyday makeup?

Foundation brush

In fact, instant noodle sauce always thinks that makeup is like painting. If you want to make your makeup look beautiful, then the paper must be clean. The makeup is the process of creating a clean “paper”. The foundation has an effective even skin tone, and the subsequent eyeshadow lip makeup Will be more effective.

Many small cute people tend to use wet beauty makeup, but in fact, foundation brush is also a good choice. The fine bristles help the makeup to be even while retaining a certain degree of concealing, and it does not absorb the powder at all. The bottom makeup with the foundation brush also has a lost matte finish, and the base makeup will last longer~

2. Eye shadow brush

If you want to look good, your eyebrows must look good; if you want to look good, you can't have a beautiful eye makeup. In addition to makeup, you can use your fingers to quickly apply eye makeup. Most of the cute little eyes are extremely easy to use on your fingers. It is a scene of a car accident, so I want to paint eye shadow every day. It is very recommended to use a special eye shadow brush for instant noodle sauce.

The eye shadow brush head is relatively small, and it can depict the eyes very carefully, and the eye makeup will be more layered. And it's best to have a clean eye shadow smudge brush, which will be slightly more smudged after the eye shadow, and the eye makeup will be more natural.

3. nose shadow brush

I don't think there is a little cuteness that doesn't want three-dimensional facial features, but the facial features of Asian girls are inherently flat, especially the bridge of the nose, and the collapsed ones are not good!

It doesn't matter, the noodle sauce is recommended to buy a special nose shadow brush, gently sweeping the repaired nose will become very three-dimensional, and the nose will become very cute. The nasal shadow brush is smooth and triangular, and the one used to connect the eye socket to the bridge of the nose is very close, and the brush head is very small, even if it is used by novices, it is ok~

4. Scattered powder brush

As an exquisite pig girl, the most unbearable thing about instant noodle sauce is makeup removal! When I was dating a male god, I was suddenly said that my face was mottled and difficult to see. How much more! Therefore, if you want the makeup to maintain a perfect state, the process of fixing the makeup can not be less~

Compared to the puff setting, the instant noodle sauce is more like a loose powder brush. The loose powder brush head is usually very loose, it is not easy to agglomerate when the powder is scattered, and the large brush head is light and fast, which is very convenient.

5. Lip brush

Little cute people who care about instant noodle sauce should know that instant noodle sauce is a proper lipstick madness, while instant noodle sauce is rarely used directly when painting lip makeup, because it is easy to destroy the original shape of lipstick, and it is very Easy to paint the border.