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Kitchen daily cleaning and maintenance methods

It is very simple to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Just cook the three meals after cooking, and clean up the kitchen. Develop a good habit and make life better!

1. Daily cleaning of kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertop
The cleaning method of the countertop can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If the spots are cleaned with soapy water or a neutral detergent, do not use chemically strong detergents. When encountering stubborn dirt, use soapy water. If it is a matte countertop. , you can use the decontamination powder and 3 meters of melon cloth (yellow), gently wipe in a circular manner. In addition, special care should be taken not to allow rough chemicals such as dye strippers, rosin oil, acetone, etc. to directly contact the countertop, or to place the hot pot directly on the countertop. These actions will damage the surface of the countertop, so it should be on the countertop. Place a heat insulator to prevent this from happening.

2, kitchen accessories maintenance

Kitchen accessories
Most kitchen accessories are plated on the outside, so daily maintenance can be done with a wet rag; if it is made of stainless steel, you can go to the department store, hypermarket or hardware to buy stainless steel maintenance solution, so It will restore the original sparkling look. In addition, the pots placed in the cabinet should be dried or dried to prevent the water droplets from directly contacting the hardware of the cabinet cabinet, thus extending the service life of the hardware.